Friday, February 10, 2012


in an effort to simplify my life before the store opens and I get super busy I have started a new blog (same concept as this one). You can find it at Feel free to check it out :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Exciting news!!!

So I know my blog posts have been few and far between but I have been super busy working on a behind the scenes project. I can finally announce that it is official, my little sister and I will be opening a boutique in historic downtown Melbourne, Fl early 2012. I've been trying not to talk about this venture too much until we knew it was a sure thing, and now that it is I just want to tell everyone! Here are the pictures of the building that our store will be in (remember, these are as it is found now, not how how it will look when we are actually open....sort of like the before picture in a make-over!)


We are planning a lot of exciting changes to the building (thank goodness mostly cosmetic!). We plan on painting over the pink exterior with white and doing gray accents to the outside. The only other real thing we need to do to the outside is work on the landscaping a little. The inside will be painted a pale gray color with white trim and white blinds. There is original hardwood floors in most of the building, but a few rooms have really gross linoleum that needs to be replaced.

The store name is going to be Mica & Molly's. Right now the website is under construction, but the address is It will be updated with our progress as we work towards the store opening. You can also like us on facebook by searching for Mica and Molly's (I can't figure out how to add the "like" button here, luckily Molly's soon to be husband is super computer savvy!). As we make progress towards opening we will continue to update that page so that everyone can stay in the know!!!

The concept of the store is "Where shabby chic meets upscale boutique". We want the feel of the store to be partially like anthropologie and part like the VIP shopping experience you would get on the concierge floor of a super upscale boutique in NY or LA (without the crazy prices of course!)

Here are some pictures of me and my sister through the years ( I posted these on our facebook site as well to let potential customers "get to know" us)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In honor of Fashion Week....

Me and Carrie
on me: Dress and scarf-BCBG, Jacket-Vintage
on Carrie: Skirt- DVF and jacket-H&M

One of the looks from the show

After Party, white teeth are my favorite accessory of all time!
(owl earrings by Betsey Johnson)

We met Dwight (from Real Housewives of Atlanta)
Since this year I missed out on NYC Fashion Week, I found a couple pictures of when me and Carrie went to the couture shows this time last year.....enjoy :)

Charity Ball 2011

Me and my girls

Me and my brother, what can I say, we got good jeans!!!

Me and Bob (cocktail ring from BCBG and cuff from TJ Maxx, White clutch from Saks)
 As much as I am glad that I no longer live in West Virginia, I still support the "hometeam" (ecspecially when this involves me getting to dress up!!!). I wore a long, red, tiered chiffon gown by BCBG. The pictures really don't do it justice!!!

Breckinridge Ski Trip

I've been totally slacking on here, but I'm back!

We recently took a trip out west to do a little skiing (eek!) and I picked up a few little treasures for myself :)

on me: ski gear by northface and burton

Check out these fun sock monkey mittens and hat!!!

I am so in LOVE with this Spirit Hood I found in one of the ski shops out there!!!
(blouse by Cynthia Rowley)

Full Size view of the Spirit Hood
Jacket: Lucky Jeans
Black Jeans: Vera Wang
Gray Flats (not sensible footwear, even if they are flat): Diane Von Furstenburg

I had been seeing these Spirit Hoods on for a while now but had never actually seen one in person. When I saw the display I knew I had to have one, and thank goodness I got one, it was SO cold out there!!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Fashion Show: Bravo Still Tries to Replace Project Runway

     Well, Bravo continues to try and cope with the loss of the fabulous fashion reality Project Runway (which moved to Lifetime after a long legal battle a few seasons back). Last year Bravo had a flop with "The Fashion Show", a poorly conceived show hosted by Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland. First, I have to state my personal opninions of these two. Mizrahi is a good designer, but is obsessed with being in the spotlight. Did anyone watch his daytime talkshow???Didn't think so... (Tim Gunn even talks about how he once witnessed this designer diva have a meltdown directed at an employee of Liz Claiborne when said employee, gasp!, wore brown to work). Rowland is a fabulous singer/entertainer and looks fabulous wearing fashionable clothes, but let's stop with all the cross overs (singer to model to actress to fashion guru??? I think not).
     For this season's revamped version, Bravo has brought back Mizrahi (most likely the biggest reason for the show's failure, well that may be harsh, but definately a contributing factor) but they replaced Rowland (sorry Kelly, nothing personal!) with, yes, IMAN!!! Now we are getting somewhere!!! At least there is now a parallel to Heidi Klum's role of fashion icon on the show. The show is also now called, "The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection". The concept for the show is still weak, but definately an improvement on Bravo's past flops. The designers (at least they are actually real designers this time) are split into two teams to create, what else "The Ultimate Collection". We'll see. I'll watch it to see how it plays out for a few weeks at least. So far, the clothes have not been super exciting, but we do have a super notable quote from the divine miss Iman. "That is a fashion emergencey and it needs an evacuation". That is reason enough to check this out!!!
Tuesdays at 10/9C on Bravo (that time may change, they have recently been switching their line up around).

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rachel Zoe for QVC

Ok, I have never actually bought anything from QVC, but I simply had to see what the ever-so-stylish RZ was peddling at the on air shopping mecca. As expected, there was no shortage of (faux) furs and caftans. The reigning queen of style did not disappoint! Here are my tops picks (sorry the small images!)
Double Faced Felt Cape $85.76
Faux Fur Pull Through Scarf $29.00
Sheer V-Neck Caftan $58.44
Tuxedo jacket with Ruched Sleeves $82.12
 (go to to check it out for yourself, stuff seems to already be selling out---caution: according to the reviews, it seems the general consensus is that most pieces run on the large size, so order a size down).

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bob Mackie falls from grace :(

So, earlier I did a post about this amazing Bob Mackie 1980's kimono style top that I love love love. Today I was sad to discover that he is now in the designer retirement home making Wal-Mart style clothes for soccer moms (yes, dear friends, I am referring to QVC). At first I thought it was my lucky day, Bob Mackie designs at QVC prices??? How can you beat that??? But unfortuantely, once I checked out the "collection" (meaning collection of junk) I was sadly mistaken. Barbie and Cher must have taken the best years of his life (as his costumes for her were always to die for [and always in the most amazingly fabulous way!!!]). Thank goodness I was able to procure a piece of fashion history (pre-dissapointment era). Here is a sampling (I would say enjoy, but who am I kidding???):

***On a better note, the Rachel Zoe stuff for QVC was a pleasant surprise, and the actual reason I actually was on the site to begin with (I have never bought anythign from QVC but am always looking for a bargain, and who doesn't LOVE all things Rachel Zoe?)....more on that to come!!!***

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

These are not the 80's Legwarmers!!!

As I've mentioned before (and am afraid I will continue to mention, until, well, about April-sorry in advance!!!) that I am not a huge fan of cold weather (actually being cold is more the issue) so I am always on the look out for anything that looks cute and combats low temperatures. I stumbled across these fur "leg warmers" while I was searching for the all black Jeffrey Campbell "Tick" wedge (which appear to be back ordered until the middle of November everywhere!). The JC version is called a "shield", but let's call it what it is, a fancy legwarmer (being a child of the 80's I have a keen appreciation for the legwarmer, so this is in no way a comment of negative connontation!). The great thing about these (besides the obvious warming attributes) is that they can be worn over an existing boot or with a short bootie or clog (talk about making the most out of waht is already in your closet! This way, you can buy one of two pairs of these fur legwarmers and you have infinite possible versions (only limited to your shoe collection and imagination!). If you don't want real fur, there seem to be versions available at every price point and in both the real and faux variations(I even found many on costume websites, although I don't suggest getting any of the ones that would make you resemble a muppet, unless of course that is what you are going for). Here is a sampling of my findings, this may very well be the new (much more stylish!!!) version of the UGG craze....
Jeffrey Campbell Shield - Brown
Jeffrey Campbell "Shield" in Brown (also available in a lighter shade) Rabbit Fur $178
found at:
Faux Fur Legwarmers
Faux Fur Legwarmers $39.95
found at:

Adrienne Landau Knit Fur Legwarmers in Dyed Black Raccoon $495
found at: